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ABI Inform (Proquest) off-campus access

If accessing ABI Inform (Proquest) off-campus and you get this screen:


This login screen relates to the Athens access scheme that the University of Manchester no longer uses.

See below for alternative.

Probably best first to use your browser back button to go back to the link that took you to this page. Open a new browser tab or window and select http://proquest.umi.com/login?  (should give screen below)

Select login through your library or institution.

Select UK Federation

Select University of Manchester

Supply your central username and password

You should now be logged into ABI Inform (Proquest) as an authenticated University of Manchester user.

If you now return to the link (e.g. in a reading list) and select again you should get straight into ABI Inform (Proquest) at the relevant article, since the relevent credentials are now cached in your browser for its current session.

Rather than http://proquest.umi.com/login you can goto the University of Manchester ABI Inform page and select the off-campus access link (same steps as above but can be in different order).

There is a demo video of off-campus access in the answer to:

How do I access e-resources using my central username and password?

If in your browser session you have already accessed another e-journal database (Business Source Premier/Ebsco, Emerald, Science Direct …) you may not be prompted for your central username and password as this is already cached. However, you will have to select the links to indicate where you are from.


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