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Thomson Research only works fully with IE

Thomson Research only works correctly with the Internet Explorer (IE) browser versions 6 and 7 (and you have to get the username and password right).

Thomson Research is a good resource for analysts’ research reports, overview reports and company filings (annual reports).

When you login using the special database username and password you should get a screen with 4 tabs.

Thomson Research

Thomson Research (IE browser)

Expected tabs:  Overview, Documents, Research, Tools

Overview will give you summary reports for a company and its latest filings. Research gives access to analysts’ reports.

If you login using the wrong username and password you may find only 3 tabs

Thomson Research wrong password

Thomson Research IE but wrong username/password

Incorrect password – only 3 tabs.

You can get access to the company profile information.

There is no research tab for access to the full search interface.

If you try to access using Firefox and the correct username and password, You get 2 tabs: Content Profile and SEC.

You can access some research reports as follows:
– Use the content profile tab to select a company
– In the Research Reports section you can select a link to get to the reports

Thomson Research (Firefox)

Thomson Research (Firefox)

NOT Internet Explorer (IE) browser

There are 2 tabs: Content Profile and SEC

(You may get the search interface, but without a tab there is no way that you can get back to the research tab search screen.)

There are similar problems if you try to access Thomson Research using Google Chrome as your browser.

Thomson Reuters helpdesk have confirmed that Thomson Research is only designed and tested for Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7 [15 May 2010]


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