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Wiley interscience – e-journal access

Access to e-journal articles from Wiley can be a little tricky.

The login does not work as smoothly as other e-journal databases. You have to make sure you use a specific link to login with your University of Manchester central username and password, or get a special username and password for accessing the Wiley e-journal database. (Wiley are planning an improvement on this in July 2010.)

Once you have logged on, you don’t have access to everything, and what you can and can’t access is not obvious.

Wiley interscience

This page for an article the Journal of Strategic Change looks like all you have to do is select “PDF” to get the full-text.

However, when you select “PDF” you get a page that asks you to login or pay for the article.

Why? Well this article is from the Journal of Strategic Change Volume 4 Issue 1 which is 1995. (You can click on the journal name to get the detailed list of years, and volumes.) Unfortunately 1995 is not within the University of Manchester subscription to this journal through Wiley.

To check the University subscription you need to go to the A-Z e-journal list and find the subscription details for this journal.

If you go to the same journal, but volume 5 issue 1 (1996) you will get a very similar page for an article, but clicking on the “PDF” will work and load the full-text into your browser.

  1. markgreenwood
    6 December 2010 at 11:00 pm

    Wiley Online Library has a new interface. This uses a yellow open padlock icon to identify the articles where we have access to the full-text. (The full-text access depends on the University of Manchester subscription so you need to check that “You are logged in via your institution” appears in the top right. [6 Dec 2010]

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