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MBS theses

The JRUL catalogued theses holdings can be confusing for people looking for Manchester Business School (MBS) theses.

The answer Where can I find MBS theses? provides brief details.

All theses the library has are searchable on the catalogue, and the main collection of theses is at the Joule library. However not all MBS theses are held by the library.

MBS PhD and DBA theses

The Eddie Davies Library has a printed copy and the Joule library has a copy (as part of  the main theses collection for all the University of Manchester). For older theses, when the business school library was separate, the Eddie Davies Library will have the printed copy.

The Publisher in the catalogue is University of Manchester for post 2004 theses. Some theses are marked DBA on the catalogue, so you can use this as a keyword in your search.

MBS MSc theses

The library does not take current MBS MSc theses. (See  Where can I find MBS theses? for details.)

There are a small number of MBS MSc theses (pre-1990) available in print in the Eddie Davies Library. However, it is not possible to specifically search for MBS MSc theses on the catalogue.

MBS MBA theses

Prior to 1995, MBA students could choose to do a thesis. These theses are all on MIRAC microfiche (so you need to use the microfiche reader).

The Publisher in the catalogue is Manchester Business School : MBA

BSc theses

The Precinct library has a collection of BSc theses, from undergraduate courses that included a thesis element.

The catalogue lists these as location Precinct Library and shelfmark Theses Bnn (where nn is the number of the thesis)

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