Fortune 500

The Fortune 500 list of top US companies is published annually by the Fortune magazine.

After a little investigation it turns out that we don’t have a database that gives direct access to a list of the Fortune 500 companies. The list covers both public/quoted and private companies so databases of quoted companies (e.g. Datastream) will miss some entries.

It is possible to use Orbis, and search for US companies with a turnover/revenue more than say 4,000,000 (thousand $US) for 2009. The results will not match the Fortune 500 exactly. The databases may adjust turnover figure differently: Berkshire Hatahway has 107 $bn on Fortune list only 25.8 $bn on Orbis. In addition, the Orbis list will include subsidiaries that are registered separately.

A list of Fortune 500/1000 companies is freely available on the web at but this only gives the basic data from the Fortune list.

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