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Thomson One Banker Excel add-in

The Thomson One Banker Excel add-in is a powerful resource for getting company analysis data directly into Excel, especially if you are getting data for many companies. The main restriction is that Thomson One Banker does not cover inactive/dead companies (only the few that became inactive recently).
FAQ – For Thomson One Banker, is web or Excel interface best? has more detail

Screenshot (click to enlarge)

Thomson One Banker Excel add-in

Getting started with Thomson One Banker Excel add-in

  1. Login – select padlock at top left
  2. Price Wizard – select entity (e.g. Equity) and dates
  3. Company Report – select company by TOB ticker or key (e.g GSK-LN)
  4. Reports Library – browse other pre-defined reports to see range of data available
  5. Report Wizard – select entities and items (data types) as shown aboveTOBexcelmanual

There is a manual “Excel Add-in Manual 2007_banker_v2” in the Database Manuals -> ThomsonOneBanker folder on the database PCs in the Edddie Davies Library, and the online help.

More advanced features:

There are some sample Excel spreadsheets available on the database PCs ( Database Manuals -> ThomsonOneBanker -> ExcelAddin )

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