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Equity Indices and datatypes (Datastream)

“How do I get the Dividend Yield for the NASDAQ 100 for 2000-2005? ” or something similar is a common enquiry.

Datastream has lots of equity indices but they do not all have the same datatypes available.

  1. Many indices are provided by third parties and Datastream can only include the datatypes provided.
  2. The index may go back to the 1960s but some datatypes may only have been added more recently.

When you find an index in the Datastream Navigator you can check the datatypes.

DS Navigator Equity Indices

The above image (click to enlarge) shows some benchmark equity indices in the Datastream Navigator. The Base Date indicates the first date on which Datastream has data for the index. The Source indicates who provides the index.

If you scroll further the the right there is a Datatypes column; clicking on the more at the end will give additional details of what is available.

In this case Dividend Yield (DY) is not available for NASDAQ 100, but there is an alternative Dividend Yield (Datastream Calculated) (DSDY).

Tip 1 Hovering over the flyout (play) icon after the name (see image) gives access to additional information including: the underlying Datastream constituent list for the index, and the constituent enities.

Tip 2 You can use the Equity Indices search criteria to restrict your search to only indices that has a specific datatype available.

For another post on this topic, with a newer screenshot, see Indices and datatypes in Datastream (posted June 2014)

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