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Although Business Week is a weekly magazine rather than an academic journal, it still comes under journals in the library, and you check electronic access in the same way.

How can I check a journal’s availability through the library?

For Business Week it is available through Business Source Premier (Ebsco), so the access will be similar to accessing the Harvard Business Review which we get from the same publisher. ( Where can I find the full-text of the Harvard Business Review? )


Business Week Magazine, 11 May 2007, Issue 4057, pp 38-45 Article: Perform or Perish by Emily Thornton

You can access this by looking up Business Week in the e-journal A-Z list, accessing through Business Source Premier and then selecting the issue (Issue 4057 is in fact 11/05/2007 American-style date so Nov 5th 2007)

For Business Week you cannot get a PDF file of the article – just the full text (in HTML). However, Business Source Premier will let you listen to the article [not something I have tried].

Business Week has moved from McGraw-Hill to Bloomberg – now officially called Bloomberg Business Week, and many stories such as “Perform or perish” are available online (at least 2004 onwards).

Perform or Perish (cover story Nov 5, 2007) by Emily Thornton
http://www.businessweek.com/search/browstxt.htm Business Week previous issues

The Bloomberg Business Week site, http://www.businessweek.com/, is designed for people wanting to read the current issue online, so the previous issue archive can be hard to find.

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