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Global Tourism Sector

If you are researching the global tourism sector then some of the following resources we offer will provide you with quality research resources in this field

Global Market Information Database by Euromonitor is of the most comprehensive resources in this area.  It includes hundreds of reports on areas such as differents parts of the sector, such as Car Rentals, Tourist Attractions, Travel Accomodation etc.   These are also broken down by region and country and include most parts of the globe.  In addition there are useful profiles of leading travel companies and a full range of statistics looking at topics such as inbound and outbound destinations (ie where people go to on holiday each year and where from!) , travel expenditure (how much they spend!) and a host of related useful statistics on this sector

Mintel is another resource with some excellent data and coverage of this sector, in addion to the wider leisure sector.  Under the travel industry you can read and digest latest reports on topics such as Business Travel, Luxery Holidays, Package Holidays etc alongside destination reports such as Holidays to Italy.  In addition Mintel provides some latest industry news, product innovations and market updates for the sector

Business Source Premier and Factiva are also both excellent sources for this sector, especially for information from the travel trade press and industry sources.  Use the indexes to refine your search in and drive down to the information you need

[Links updated 6 Dec 2010]

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