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Bloomberg – advice from an expert

BloombergLast week, Richard from Bloomberg came to Manchester Business School and gave three very popular sessions on using Bloomberg Professional.

Top tips:

  1. Remember that Bloomberg is a very large system (over 30,000 functions) so there is noone who knows everything. Use the good search facilities to help you find data and functions. Bloomberg tickers and function mnemonics/codes provide quick access for experts.
  2. The yellow keys are the market keys. Type Equity/F8 and GO/Enter for the top level or home menu for the equity market. ( CORP/F3 for government bonds, M-MKT/F6 for money markets etc. ) The most used functions are given under numbered headings. Selecting the heading, or typing the no. and GO, gives an expanded list (and the green END/MENU key takes you back to the previous screen).
  3. If you are interested in equities, type a company name (e.g. BP ), select from the Securities List and you can then explore the equity function results for that company. Similarly for other markets. (See example in following post)
  4. Help is available!  There is online context-sensitive help (use green HELP key), cheatsheets (type “cheat” and GO). The Bloomberg help desk is available 24/7 – just type the HELP key twice to start an IM conversation. Do not abuse this help – ask relevant questions about the Bloomberg system (don’t give your essay title as a question).

Bloomberg Professional is designed for market professionals who will often be experts in their own area and interested in a wide range of related information.  It is also used at many business schools worldwide. For additional information and advice:

To book Bloomberg contact the MBS Library Service (in person, email libdesk@mbs.ac.uk or phone 0161 2756507) – for full details see the Eddie Davies Library Finance Zone information sheet.

(After making his fortune founding the company, Michael Bloomberg has gone into politics and become mayor of New York. Googling “bloomberg” will give you more hits about the man than the system.)

  1. dommod
    3 November 2010 at 11:39 am

    read more about Mike Bloomberg himself here

  1. 27 September 2011 at 2:26 pm

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