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Bloomberg – example equity graph

BloombergTicker Equity GP GO/Enter – is a frequently used Blommberg command.

If you select BP on London Exchange as your equity (BB ticker BB/ LN Equity ), and then GP you will get a graph of the share price, with another below showing volume traded below.

See below for several additional features.

Bloomberg example screen

As elsewhere in Bloomberg you can edit things in an orange, e.g. change the dates, the frequency. This graph also has additional options:

  • Select news and then move the line that appears to a date of interest (e.g. the date of very high BP trading in early June) and you will get the news stories for that day.
  • Right-click on the graph and you can export the image or the data to the clipboard, ready for pasteing in Excel or another application.
  • Events at the right-hand side (obscured in this screenshot) provides a menu for adding various icons for events to the graph or on a timeline below.
  • Annotate allows you to add your own annotations to the graph.

While the basic GP function is powerful, sometimes you want more flexibility. Bloomberg function G allows you to build your own graph. This supports creating graphs combining data series, e.g. BP London share price and oil price (Brent crude – EUCRBRDT).


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