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Information on inactive companies (Datastream)

Thomson ReutersInformation on inactive public (quoted) companies is not always easily available. After a merger, takeover or liquidation there is usually no company website available and the company may no longer be included on financial information websites.

Datastream covers active and inactive companies worldwide. You just have to be a little careful, as the Datastream Navigator default setting is to search for active companies only.

Video demo – http://screencast.com/t/ncaB9Bhpbv shows looking up the company Arcelor and then doing a “Capital Issues & Changes” request.

This shows that Arcelor was taken over by Arcelormittal in 27 Jul 2006 but its shares were not delisted until 13 Nov 2007. (Note that Arcelormittal is the current name of the company, it may have had a different name in July 2006 when the takeover happened.)

Once you have found the company on Datastream then you can get the historical numeric data e.g. share price history, accounts / fundamentals.


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