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Science Direct – off-campus access (and a saving problem)

Science DirectThe following two videos record getting a Long Range Planning journal article. This journal is one of those available electronically from the Science Direct e-journal database.

Version 1 – from A-Z list

Demo video – http://screencast.com/t/HtQxHsZa0 – this starts after looking up Long Range Planning in the Electronic Journals A-Z list. The only complicated bit is how to login – see authenticate below.

Version 2 – using FindIt

Demo video – http://screencast.com/t/Zhx87bAhZ – this starts with putting article details into the FindIt service. The FindIt service takes a while to respond. When it does respond and you select Science Direct and then login (see authenticate below). By this time the details of the volume and issue number are lost so you have to select these again.


To authenticate yourself as a member of the University of Manchester / Manchester Business School there are 3 steps involved.

  1. Goto the login link at the top right, and select the Goto Athens / Institution login link
  2. Select location as UK Access Management Federation, and then scroll down to University of Manchester link
  3. Login at the University of Manchester Central Authentication Service. After logging in, select the volume no, issue no, and find the required article.

Saving PDF file problem

In both the example above the full text PDF was retrieved. However, in version 1 where I just clicked on the PDF link, it turned out that it was not possible to save the pdf file. (There was just no response to clicking on the save icon.) In version 2, I right-clicked on the PDF link and selected Save As. This save the file to a folder on my PC first, and then open it.

[Later I tried on-campus access and had no problems saving the PDF file.]

Further advice on off-campus access:

If you access library resources from off-campus regulary, then take a look at the VPN service. This software makes your remote PC appear to be an on-campus University of Manchester PC.

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