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Google scholar – Find It via JRUL

[This is now out of date – see https://bizlib247.wordpress.com/2012/10/02/google-scholar-find-it-via-uml/ ]

Google scholar is a useful resource for finding books and articles. On campus PCs are configured so that it provides Find It via JRUL links. Off campus you can configure Google scholar to include these links.

Configuring Google Scholar

  1. Select the Scholar Preferences link at the top right
  2. In the Library Links section, find the University of Manchester library
  3. Click the Save Preferences button at the foot of the page.

Video demo of setting Google Scholar preferences – http://screencast.com/t/X1Av0Nf9


The Find It via JRUL links do not give you direct access to online articles. You still need to authenticate yourself as a member of the University to access the full text. (See the second half of the demo video http://screencast.com/t/X1Av0Nf9.)

The Find It via JRUL links are not perfect. If the link does not give you access to the article then you should double-check whether the journal is available as an e-journal.

How can I check a journal’s availability through the library?
Other e-journal related questions on the FAQ

For those interested in the details, adding the library preference to Google scholar means that it checks the library’s “link resolver” for items in the search results and adds a link where appropriate.


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