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WRDS – Wharton Research Data Services

WRDS is regarded as the premier financial research database at business schools worldwide. Strictly, WRDS is not a database itself but a web-based research service. The University of Manchester subscribes to databases (CRSP, Compustat, IBES, etc. ) from their providers, and also to access using WRDS because of the convenience this offers. Several key factors contribute to its popularity:

  • Convenient web-based access for databases through WRDS
    CCM (CRSP Compustat Merged) example
  • Web-based queries follow the same style for all the databases making WRDS easier to learn.
  • Access to CRSP and Compustat, the top-rated databases for financial research on the US market
  • Service designed by researchers for researchers: online documentation, able to cope with large volumes of data, and online support.

In general, WRDS is the first choice for most researchers so long as it has the data they need. Thomson Reuters Datastream is our most-used database for UK and Worldwide financial market research, where WRDS is heavily US-centric.

The Databaser blog has a good range of tips on using WRDS – For example

Note that the University of Manchester WRDS subscription does not include Compustat Global.


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