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A New Look for GMID

GMID, Global Market Information Database, provides access to International market analysis and socio-economic/demographic data. It is an excellent resource for researching country intelligence, international markets and international consumer lifestyles.

As of this week there have been a few changes including a new interface, improved usability and a slightly new name, Passport GMID. For those who regularly use GMID don’t worry although it may look a little different the core functionality and content remain the same. In essence the new features include:

  • A new look: a new simplified search interface including quick access to key industries/consumer data and analyses
  • Predictive text searching: to help you make more targeted free text searches
  • Better organised results: relevance driven and with filters to help you refine searches
  • Faster navigation: seamlessly move between results page, content and related content
  • Improved downloads for stats: to help you leverage data more easily

On accessing Passport GMID there is a short introductory video to familiarise you with the new interface and help you make the most of the new functionality.

To access Passport GMID, see “Markets & Sectors” or “Countries & Regions” via the library databases on the MBS Library website: http://www.mbs.ac.uk/library.

Further help on accessing and using GMID see our Helping You – Research Guides section via our website.

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