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Google Scholar and full-text of articles

Google Scholar is a quick and effective way of finding articles when doing a literature search. Getting to the full-text of the article can require a little work.

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For example:-

A search returns an interesting looking result

“Datastream Returns and UK Open Offers”

Does the University of Manchester library offer access to the full-text?

Google Scholar offers several versions:

  • papers.ssrn.com – SSRN (Social Sciences Research Network) is a repository of working papers – you can get a version of the paper but this might not be exactly the same as in the European Journal of Finance
  • kar.kent.ac.uk – Kent Academic Repository only gives access to the bibliographic details (including abstract)
  • informaworld.com – informaword (Taylor and Francis Group) will give you access to full-text. You need to either be recognised as using a University of Manchester PC or logon to authenticate youself.
  • ideas.repec.org – a bibliographic database so no access to full-text
  • ingentaconnect.com – University of Manchester does not subscribe to this journal on ingentaconnect so even if you sign-in you will still be asked to pay for the full-text
  • econpapers.repec.org – again bibliographic database so no full-text

There is not really an easy way of knowing which is the best link offered by Google Scholar to choose.

A-Z electronic journal list (European Journal of Finance)

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Using the journal title, The European Journal of Finance in this case, you can use the A-Z e-journal list to find details of the library’s subscription(s).

An alternative for academic journal articles is to try one of the bibliographic databases: ISI Web of Science (Web of Knowledge) or Scopus. Both of these include FindIt at JRUL links to help locate the full-text of articles.

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