How to Target and Research Potential Employers

The MBS Library Service provides access to key resources and databases which can assist you with your job search, interview preparation and Career development plan.

Careers Guides

Find publications relating to your career developemnt eg. Managing your career, CV/Interview preparation and tips on networking techniques, via the Library Catalogue.

Company Research Databases

Use the databases located in the “Databases” section of the Library’s “E-Resources” page to:

  • Target Listings of UK/International companies
  • Locate details of top companies in specific sectors
  • Research latest company developments 

Target and Research Companies: Access FAME/ORBIS

  • Identify and create target sector lists for UK/International companies
  • Establish top companies/key competitors in specific markets/sectors
  • Examine and Compare Financial performance of companies
  • Analyse a company’s performance against key competitors
  • Examine Corporate structures, board members and key contacts

Research Company News and Developments: Access FACTIVA

  • Enhance your background knowledge for applications and interviews
  • Examine latest company/industry developments from leading global news and trade publications
  • Examine the impact of the latest political/economic events on companies/industries
  • Up to 20 years of news updated daily

Other Library Databases  

  • Research Market Analysis – Access Mintel, Keynote, Passport GMIDFrost and Sullivan, providing detailed tailored analysis for international and consumer markets . See the “Markets and Sectors” section of the Library Databases page.
  • Create Company/Industry Capsules – Access Business Source Premier (Business Searching Interface) providing brief company/industry snapshots for key international companies and markets. See the “Management Literature” section of the Library Databases page.

Specialist Databases: Access BLOOMBERG (available for use within the Eddie Davies Library)

  • Locate essential data within the “Bloomberg Careers Centre”
  • Provides the Facility to search for Jobs/Recruiters by region
  • Details upcoming Job Related Events
  • Lists latest Job Postings

Additional Sources: VAULT (Online Careers Portal)

In addition to the Library databases on offer, MBS students have access to an online careers portal via their own career service. Vault provides:

  • Online career development guides
  • Occupational profiles
  • Articles and online videos offering career/personal development advice.

To access Vault contact your University Careers Service adviser

Further Information on how to find, access and search any of the library databases detailed within this guide can be found on the Library’s E-Resources page.

The Library is providing a season of Open Training programmes over the Summer including sessions in July on Targeting and Researching Potential Employers

A detailed guide which expands further on the information provided above is also available via the Library Web-site.   

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