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Expert advice from Harvard Business Review book series

The Harvard Business Review Paperback series brings together inspiring and useful perspectives on various management topics, all in one place.  Articles from the familiar leading Harvard Business Review quarterly journal are gathered into paperbacks each of which focusses on key management topics such as negotiating, decision-making, communicating, career advancement, marketing and others.

In common with its journal, these paperbacks compile some of the best articles, carefully selected, with contributions from existing experts in the field as well as rising stars.  They share their knowledge, experience, ideas and thinking, to make the books compilations of best practice.  Each book is succinct enough to make it a convenient reference point or just to dip into when needed.

Contributors include partners and CEOs, entrepreneurs, academics from leading management and business schools and founders of successful businesses. Chapters look at a diverse range of management topics:

• How not to manage customer loyalty
• The risk of hiring stars
• Managing virtuoso teams
• Why men still get more promotions than women
• Hidden traps in decision-making
• How to pitch a brilliant idea
• When to walk away from a deal

and much more! Read it for yourself – MBS Library now has the most recently published of this set available to borrow. Titles include: Advancing Your Career; Aligning Technology with Strategy; Building Better Teams; Communicating Effectively; Finding & Keeping the Best People; Increasing Customer Loyalty; Making Smart Decisions; Winning Negotiations; Reinventing Your Marketing; Managing Your Career in Tough Times and Greening Your Business Profitably. A copy of each is available both in Precinct and Eddie Davies libraries Search the Library catalogue


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