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Global Financial Database

Note: Global Financial Database for historical data (posted June 2014) is a revised and updated version of this post.

Global Financial Database (GFD) provides access to financial and economic time-series data with more than 6500 series covering 150 countries worldwide. Two key characteristics of GFD:

  1. Long historical time-series data – e.g. for most countries GFD provides GDP data going back 100+ years. (screenshot below)
  2. Ease of access – available on any University of Manchester PC (and off-campus using VPN)

Analysis of long-term data is a main market for GFD as illustrated in their White Papers and Global History of Currencies.

Global Financial Data – GDP search – click to enlarge

GFD Search Engines – GFD Filter Search – GFDatabase: Country-ALL, Series Group-ALL and Main Indicators-GDP

The web interface of GFD contrasts with other specialist databases providing both financial and economic data, e.g. Bloomberg and Datastream, which are only licensed for specific PCs.


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