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Share repurchases

Following some enquiry desk requests, we have now learned how to obtain some data on share repurchases (buybacks) from the deals module on Thomson One Banker.  There is a Repurchase Flag that you can include in your search criteria. However you must remember to use the TOB Deals Advanced M&A Search. (A repurchase is recorded as a deal where the aquiror and target are the same company.)

Thomson One Banker – Deals – Share repurchase (click to expand)

This screenshot is of a M&A deals search for:

  • Target (and Aquiror) primary stock exchange = London or London AIM
  • Repurchase Flag = Y
  • Date Effective = Between Jan 01 1990 and Dec 31 2010

Tip: To link with other databases you will want your deals results to include the datastream code and CUSIP (and perhaps SEDOL) for companies.

There is a similar repurchase flag in SDC Platinum (M&A) also from Thomson Reuters.

You need to treat the TOB share repurchase data with a little care. A search today for repurchases on the Shanghai exchange gave only 14 results and none more recent than 2006. Thomson Reuters gather the data for their deals database from a variety of sources – if noone supplies them with repurchase data for a specific exchange it will be missing.

Bloomberg is an alternative source of share repurchase information.

  1. Benny
    15 January 2016 at 1:58 am

    Thank you for the article!
    How can it be that a deal in the SDC database, which is flagged as repurchase has different aquiror and target datastream codes?
    Many thanks!

    • XiaHong
      15 January 2016 at 2:08 pm

      Hello Benny,

      Thank you for your comment regarding SDC database. Could you please give me the deal number which is flagged as repurchase? I would really like to look into this myself.

      Best wishes!

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