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Panel data from Thomson One Banker (Excel add-in)

Thomson One Banker Excel add-inThe Thomson One Banker (TOB) Excel add-in report wizard is an excellent tool for retrieving data (from the TOB company analysis module). However, it does not offer the flexibility to get your results directly as panel data.

This can be done using the TOB PFDL language. For example, a spreadsheet showing panel data from Worldscope – http://db.tt/IvyaySY (Excel 2007 with TOB add-in required)

The core formula for a cell is =PFDL(I$2,$B4,$A4,I$3) where :

  • I2 cell is ws.Sales (the data item) 
  • B4 cell is Y2010   (the period)
  • A4 cell is “company key/identifier” (ISIN in this example)
  • I3 call is USD (the target currency)

The formula =PFDL(I$2,$B4,$A4) is enough if no currency conversion is required, and you can use =PFDL(I$2,$B4,$A4,”USD”) if you are always going to convert into US Dollars.

The formula =PFDL(I$2,$B4,$A4,I$3) means that rows and columns can be copied and edited and will refer to: the data item in row 2 of current column, the period in column B of the current row, and the company key/identifier in column A of the current row.

To find the possible codes for the data items you can use: the report wizard, the Lookup Item tool, or examples from the reports library.

For valid company identifiers,

  • see this example http://db.tt/ZoW6pWi (Excel 2007 with TOB add-in required) or
  • select help for more PFDL information.

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