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Worldscope accounting data – finding data tips

The large number of data items (datatypes) available in Worldscope can make it difficult to find the ones that you want. The following tips might help.

DS Navigator – Worldscope search (click to expand)

Using the Datastream Navigator:

  1. Make sure you use reset to clear previous search criteria
  2. Use menu on left to restrict scope to Worldscope
  3. Try alternatives when searching by name
  4. Try restricting search to just key items – (Key WS Item option)

You can also try making a static request for say all Worldscope balance sheet items for industrial companies. See screencast http://screencast.com/t/2Fl1PQszf

Remember – just because a data item exists within Worldscope does not mean that data will be available for all companies – much depends on what the company reports in its annual accounts (and when a company was included in Worldscope – WC11516 Date Added to Product)

Thomson One Banker – Worldscope definition (click to enlarge)

You can also use Thomson One Banker:

  1. Hover over a value in a Worldscope report to get the definition
  2. Use item lookup on Worldscope in the Report Writer (Web interface) or Report Wizard (TOB Excel add-in) – right-click to access definition
  3. Access pre-defined Worldscope report in the TOB Excel add-in – select a value and the TOB worldscope name will appear in the description of the cell contents e.g.
    =PFDL(“ws.OperatingIncomeAfterDepr“, <date ref>, <comp ref>, <currency ref>)

The Worldscope data definitions guide provides the full detail of the templates for companies (Industrial, Banks, Insurance and Other Financial) and the definitions for all data items. See also:

  1. markgreenwood
    23 November 2012 at 7:00 pm

    An example “5-year annual compound sales growth” – Available in Thomson One Banker – Company Analysis – Financials – Financial Ratios – Worldscope – Annual Ratios (scroll down to Growth rates – http://screencast.com/t/W0lNSI3tkR
    Worldscope code 08635 – “Net Sales/Revenues 5 Year Annual Growth”
    Also available through Datastream

  2. markgreenwood
    7 June 2013 at 1:09 pm

    Following a recent student query, I’ve done a small test on Worldscope data item WC01201 Research and Development Expenses.

    For the current FTSE350 members only 140 report a value for this data item in 2012, and of those 43 report the value 0. All the other 200+ FTSE350 member have a not available (N/A) value (which can just give an error in a Datastream time series request). Datastream/Worldscope has N/A because these companies did not report a value for research and development expenses in their annual accounts. Many companies will just omit the line from their accounts rather than include an explicit 0. For many studies it would be appropriate to replace a N/A value with 0 in this context.

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