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Targeting Employers using the Bloomberg Careers Centre

Bloomberg is a specialist financial database which provides access to Equities, Commodities, Foreign Exchange and Price Indices data in addition to extensive Business News Resources. Another key feature of the database is the Bloomberg Careers Centre Facility. This feature enables browsers to:

  • Search for jobs in your specified location or area
  • Keep up to date with local Job Related Events
  • Discover which Recruiters are in your area at the moment

Using the Bloomberg Careers Centre features enables you to build a comprehensive Job Search to uncover the ideal position for you in the location of your choice.

To begin your Careers Search on Bloomberg, simply enter: “JOBS” in the online search field and then hit “GO”


The Jobs Screen is divided into four sections:

  • Jobs Available in your Area
  • Job-Related Events in your Area 
  • Recruiters in your Area
  • Financial Hiring News

Many other Job Search Features are also available via the site.

How to access Bloomberg Careers Centre?

Bloomberg is available via designated PCs in the Eddie Davies Finance Zone (Please book online) and the new Bloomberg Suite without booking.

The Precinct Library also has a Bloomberg monitor which can be booked. Please call 0161 306 3200.A detailed guide outlining the key features of the Bloomberg Careers Centre is also available in the “How to” Guide Section of the Library Web-Site.

The MBS Library Service provides access to key resources and databases which can assit all Library users with their Job Search, Interview Preparation and Career Development.

Careers Guides

Find publications relating to your career development eg. Managing your Career, CV/Interview Preparation, Postgraduate Career Strategies and tips on Networking techniques, via the Library Catalogue.


Harness our extensive range of Databases to Target and Research Potential Employers, see our “How to Target and Research Potential Employers” guide available via the Library Web-page:


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