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Electronic Journals A-Z list

A-Z list of electronic journals – click to expand

The library’s Electronic Journals A-Z list allows you to check which journals are available online in full-text.

There is a simple search: just enter keywords from the journal title, click on search and all matching journals are returned, in alphabetical order.

For example, if type china quarterly and search you get 5 matching journals which have both china and quarterly in their title. In this case you have to scroll down to the fourth entry for the journal titles China Quarterly.

The library purchases journals in packages from publishers so for some journals there may be more than one source.

A-Z list results China Quarterly – click to expand

If there are several sources: check the publication dates covered by the different sources.

In this China Quarterly example:

  • ABI Inform (Proquest) has from 2001 onwards, but not the most recent year
  • Cambridge University Press has from 2001 onwards (no embargo)
  • JSTOR has from 1960 to 2005


You can also do a library catalogue search for china quarterly and restrict the results to Collection Journals.

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Note: the Electronic Journals A-Z list has recently been updated so it has a new look, but the main functionality is unchanged.

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