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Top Tips for iPad Beginners


We’d like to welcome to the School the new MBA Class of 2013. To ease you into using your iPads and for those of you thinking of getting this new tablet device heres some Top Tips for iPad Beginners we thought you might find handy.


Tip #1 – The Hidden Caps Lock

If you want to type a whole sentence or message in capital letters, holding down the shift key can be really annoying. Luckily the iPad keyboard has a hidden gem, the Caps Lock. Simply double-tap the shift key and the key will turn blue, now all the letters you type will be in uppercase. Tap the shift key again to finish.

Note: If you can’t get this feature to work it could be disabled in your iPad settings. To enable the Caps Lock go to: Settings>General>Keyboard.

Tip #2 – Hold and Slide Punctuation  

The punctuation key <.?123> allows access to numbers and symbols as well as standard punctuation. Normally you would press the punctuation key, make a selection then press the letter key <ABC> to return to the alphabetical keyboard. However there is a much quicker way, just hold down the punctuation key then slide your finger to the key you want and release it to make a selection. The keyboard will automatically return to the normal layout.

Tip #3 – Home Customisation

You can reorganise the layout of your Home screen icons in any order you like. Just press and hold an icon for a few seconds and all the icons will begin to move. In this “liquid” state you can move the icons around. Hold down an icon and slide it to a new spot. The other icons will automatically rearrange. You can even move icons to another Home Screen. Simply hold and slide the icon off the side of the screen. After you’ve got things the way you want them just press the Home button to change the icons back to a “solid” state.

Tip #4 – Web Icons

Web Icons are quick shortcuts to your favourite websites. You can save a Web Icon as a Home Screen icon so it looks just like any other App. Simply open a web-page then tap the arrow in a box symbol next to the top URL line and then select “Add to Home Screen”. You can even edit the name of the Web Icon after you’ve done this – tap the “Add” button.

Remember to make certain to add the MBS Library Service  page to your Home Screen for easy access to all the Resources we have to offer you for your research.


Tip #5 – Custom Wallpaper

You can change the Home Screen background as well as the Lock screen to anything you like. Just go to Settings>Brightness and Wallpaper, then tap on the Wallpaper option. Choose from the built in Wallpaper pictures or select one of your own photos. Then set it for the Home Screen, Lock  Screen or both. When selecting one of your own photographs, you can zoom and drag to crop the photo to the perfect size. 

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Our new feature detailing the Key Business and Management APPS for your tablet device is also coming soon.

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