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Economic Observer: Essential Country Comparisons

Euromonitor International has recently launched two new and innovative database additions to complement the award winning Passport GMID database.

The two databases are called Passport Industrial and the Economic Observer.

The University now has access to these additions via Passport GMID.

In this second feature we will highlight the Economic Observer addition.

The Economic Observer dashboard provides up-to-date monthly and quarterly economic data across 55 countries and 42 macro-indicators allowing users to monitor anything from changing consumer confidence, short-term economic performance, trends and developments as well as fluctuating consumer prices and exchange rates all in real time.

Use Economic Observer to:

  • Track changes in the business cycle as soon as they happen
  • Feed into PEST analysis
  • Identify trends affecting consumer behaviour
  • Create your own forecasts from economic data
  • Understand trade patterns
  • Monitor changing interest rates
  • Track changes in prices and Fluctuations in exchange rates
  • Benchmark a company’s performance against overall economic growth
  • Spot potential production bases

To access the site select E-Resources on the MBS Library page:


Opt for Databases and next Countries and Regions. To access the Economic Observer dashboard please go to the ECONOMY, FINANCE AND TRADE homepage within the main drop menu of COUNTRIES AND CONSUMERS. On the homepage you will find the Economic Observer dashboard on the right hand side which can be activated by clicking on LAUNCH.

Please note there is a “?” icon at the top of the page which covers FAQs on how to use the system, the definitions, methodology and much more.

Economic Observer works well on your Tablet device too. Using Passport GMID via the MBS Library Service page enables access when on the move or when information is needed quickly for that all important research.

Remember to add the MBS Library Icon to your Tablet Home Screen, simply select the “arrow” option at the top of the screen next to your URL and opt for the “Add to Home Screen” option, then give your “app” a name and your task is complete.

A Detailed Resource Guide examining the key Features and Benefits of Passport GMID is available via our How to Research Guides page.

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