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Access Harvard Business Review off-campus

The journal Harvard Business Review (HBR) is available to University of Manchester students and staff as an e-journal and you can access it off-campus.

To access a HBR article you need to do two things: first, find out which journal database(s) has full-text access to HBR, and second authenticate yourself as a member of the University of Manchester.

The simplest way to find the journal database for HBR is to use the electronic journals A-Z  list.

The e-journals A-Z list will include the link to the journal database and information on how to logon. For Harvard Business Review it gives

Business Source Premier  1922 to present
University central usename required off-campusUniversity central username and password required off-campus
(Select Shibboleth Login)
Business Source Premier - login

BSP (EBSCO) login – click to enlarge

For Harvard Business Review we select the Business Source Premier (BSP) link. If you are off-campus this takes you to a login page as you need to authenticate yourself.

  1. Select Shibboleth Login (not the most obvious choice we admit)
  2. Select UK Higher Education as Region or group
  3. Select University of Manchester as school or institution
  4. At University of Manchester Central Authentication Service – use your username and password (See what this looks like New Look for Central Authentication Service )

That is the authentication part done. Now you can use the rest of the article reference (year, volume, issue,  page no. etc.) to select the specific article. Once you have found the article, the PDF Full Text  link  is the one to download it.

Screencast video demo – accessing HBR off-campus – http://screencast.com/t/AQboB5HM


Authentication can vary. If you have already authenticated then your browser may have cached the details so that you don’t need to provide them again. If you are running VPN then your authentication is by your PC being part of the virtual network.

The steps are basically the same for accessing other e-journals. The authentication varies slightly with different journal databases,

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