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Company Financial Analysis (Global Companies)

The library has a number of useful resources for the financial analysis of public companies (companies quoted on a stock exchange).

Company Accounts

Thomson ReutersThomson Reuters’ Worldscope database provides historical accounting data – balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. It is available through Thomson One Banker and DatastreamBloomberg also has accounting data – command FA (Financial Analysis).

BloombergThomson One BankerDatastream and Bloomberg can also provide data on a company’s financial market performance – e.g. historical shares prices and returns, and corresponding data for market indices.

Company Filings (including Annual Reports)

Company Filings are available on PI NavigatorThomson Research, and Bloomberg. (Recent company reports are usually available direct from the company website.)

Analysts Reports

Analyst/Broker reports are available from Thomson Research and Bloomberg (command BRC).

Company News

Factiva from Dow Jones is a extensive online news database covering a wide range of sources. (See How Business News can enhance you research for more details.) Bloomberg also provides a wide range of company, financial market and economic news.

For further tips: use tags below to find other posts on these databases, and look at  the How to research … guides,

  1. markgreenwood
    14 November 2011 at 1:09 pm

    Bloomberg FA – additional tip:

    Bloomberg provides a large selection of financial analysis templates within the FA command. The reports can be transferred to Excel – use Actions -> Output to Excel in the red heading bar. (Actions -> Create Reports -> Table will produce a PDF document).

    The Statement Summaries (FA SS) gives the option to expand ‘Revenue’ to see Product/Brand and Geographic segments. To get this information in your ‘Output to Excel’ you need to use one of the segment analysis templates (FA PROD, FA PRODP or FA GEO)

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