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Thomson Research tips

Researching a public (quoted) company – whether for a research project or a job interview – you should look at Thomson Research.

Thomson Research is an excellent resource for analysts’ research reports, overview reports and company filings (e.g. annual reports).

When you login using the special database username and password you should get a screen with 4 tabs (Overview, Documents, Research and Tools).

Thomson Research

Thomson Research (IE browser)

The Overview tab will give you summary reports for a company and its latest filings.

The Research tab gives access to analysts’ reports – often financial brokers/analysts who follow a company produce a report on a regular basis. (The analysts’ reports collection in Thomson Research was previously branded Investext).


1) Thomsom Research requires care when looking for a company by name. For example, “Tate & Lyle” or just “Tate &” will be ok, but “Tate”, “Tate Lyle” or “Tate and Lyle” will all give you no matches. Example video screencast – http://screencast.com/t/tTsfonbej

2) Thomson Research only works with the Internet Explorer (IE) browser. You will not get an error message if you try to use Firefox, Chrome, Safari … just blank pages or sections of pages. Recently we have observed a small problem with IE version 7 – the drop down list for “Report Date” sometimes does not work so you are stuck with the default of “Last 2 Years”. (see also Thomson Research only fully works with IE  )

3) Get our database guide on Thomson Research from the How to research guides page, and browse other posts tagged Thomson Research.


Analysts reports do not fall neatly into a standard format for referencing. Who is playing the role of publisher? The company the authors work for, since they will have given the report to their clients, or Thomson Reuters, since the report came from their investment report collection. Make sure that your reference has enough detail that readers can see where it came from and confirm if they had retrieved the identical report. For example:

Meltz, M. A., Lewis, D. & Lovell, N. (2009). [J.P. Morgan report on] The McGraw-Hill Companies – 07 Dec 2009. Thomson Research Investment Research Collection Rpt. 15613728  [Online]. Available from: Thomson Research – http://research.thomsonib.com/ [Accessed 05 Jan. 2010].

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