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Mergers and Acquisitions databases

For Mergers and Acquisitions information:

  • Bloomberg has the easiest to use interface and excellent linking with news and company information
  • Thomson One Banker (deals module) has a web interface and is well respected in industry as a source of summary tables about deal activity
  • SDC Platinum is old fashioned but well regarded by researcher for its ability to provide data on hundreds of M&A deals in a single request.

Additional resources:

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    Companies with comprehensive databases on key business connections, products, targeted areas, and financial performance signs provide a rich and incorporated information resource for investment financial, business finance, C-level professionals, management professionals, marketing, and company intellect professionals. Merger and acquisition databases are useful to people who want workable solutions and ideas in seconds. Merger and acquisition databases are useful to talking to companies to research and validate key deal details, such as focus on and acquire titles, prices, terms and key acquisition many.

    Mergers and Acquisitions

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