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IMP Electronic Archive

The IMP Archive is a collection of papers presented at Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group (IMP) conferences from 1984-1999. The papers cover original and groundbreaking research into marketing and purchasing theory and practical business problems. The conferences reflect the aim of the IMP Group  (set out in the Foreword to the first IMP conference in September 1984, at UMIST, Manchester) – to develop collaborative research in the field of industrial product marketing and serve as a forum for the sharing of ideas in the emerging field of buyer-seller interactions.   Now for the first time this valuable research collection is available to scholars and practitioners from across the globe.

In making available the IMP research more widely, its value, resulting from the work of many academics in numerous universities and countries (such as France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom and others) can be made use of by other researchers. In so doing, the aim of the IMP Group – ‘to develop collaborative research’ – has been achieved.

A significant contribution to making this possible, through wider access and availability is the result of work by the Manchester IMP Group (academics from Manchester Business School, University of Manchester) in financing the digitization of IMP conference papers.

A team from the John Rylands University Library (JRUL) [Eddie Davies Library] set up an Endnote library to store the conference proceedings and conference paper records. This was tied into the digitization process, linking to a full text (PDF) copy of the papers.  Once completed, the Endnote library was used as the basis for the wider dissemination of this resource, incorporating the content into ‘Manchester eScholar’ through the work of the eScholar Team of the JRUL and into a dedicated electronic archive available from here


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