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Sovereign and company debt on Bloomberg

Debt, both sovereign (country) and company, has been an almost constant feature of the financial news over the last couple of years. BloombergBloomberg offers a useful function DDIS (Debt Distribution) that gives a graph showing debt by maturity.

For company debt DDIS is relatively simple. Use the predictive search to select your security (e.g. TCG LN Equity) and then type DDIS and GO/Enter. If you know the Bloomberg ticker you can type the function directly, e.g. TCG LN Equity DDIS GO/Enter.

For sovereign (country) debt you need to first find a specific debt – a treasury or long term bond. Use the predictive search to select the sovereign debt (e.g. GREECE Govt), then select a specific security (e.g. GREECE 4 5/8 06/25/13 Corp), and then DDIS and GO/Enter. Below the debt – maturity graph you will see the corporate structure for the borrower, in this case the Helenic Republic. Select the top of the corporate structure to update the graph with all the sovereign debt issues.

Bloomberg DDIS (Debt Distribution) example

Bloomberg DDIS example (click to expand)

Note that you can click on a column in the graph to display all the relevant debt securities.

Bloomberg will not allow you to use the DDIS function if you have selected a generic bond. For some countries concentrating on treasuries (e.g. UKT Govt or UST Govt) can be effective. As above if you know the ticker you can just type 6152Z LN Equity DDIS GO/Enter for the UK debt distribution.

Bloomberg offers many other debt related functions including CRPR (Credit Profile),  CAST (Capital Structure), WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital – companies only) and DEBT (Sovereign Debt Ownership).

  1. markgreenwood
    14 February 2012 at 3:14 pm

    13 Feb 2012 – News headlines include “Moody’s put UK on negative outlook”

    Bloomberg function CSDR gives sovereign debt ratings, but the outlook is not easily available. You can use the same approach as above: choose a specific debt (e.g. UK treasury or gilt) and then CRPR or user the ticker e.g. 6152Z LN Equity CRPR GO.

    In Bloomberg news you can use Topic CRA (Corporate, Country Debt Ratings) and further refine your search to a country or company of interest.

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