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Bloomberg – tip of the week

BloombergBloomberg has been popular this week: busy training sessions, database clinics and users finding a whole range of different resources (including – UK company data, Danish company data, Baltic dry index, supply chain information, mobile phone worldwide sales, risk free rates and credit default swaps).

Tip of the week

On may Bloomberg screens you will see a little pin symbol when you hover over a name or value. You can click and drag this into the command line at the top of another Bloomberg window, and then use DES to get a description, GP to get a price graph etc. This is very valuable if you see a current value and want to find out if historical data is available.

Bloomberg commodities screen (click to expand)

The Bloomberg function CMDS gives the screen above. You can hover over a figure (the pin symbol appears) and then click and drag to paste the corresponding Bloomberg ticker in another window.

Online Bloomberg information

Several other business schools world wide have Bloomberg so you may find the advice and tips they provide a useful complement to ours. Best examples found so far:

Finally, as University of Cambridge Judge Business School Library say:

[although] Bloomberg looks different to other databases you will find it is easier to use than you’d expect thanks to its predictive text functionality, help menus and 24/7 chat support …

From –  http://www.jbs.cam.ac.uk/infolib/2012/01/27/bloomberg-2/

  1. 3 March 2012 at 3:17 pm

    Great resource and I’m glad to know “Bloomberg Professional” is the biggest tag on the right hand side. Looking forward to meet students in MBS soon.

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