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Financial News on Factiva

Dow Jones FactivaThe Library does not subscribe to Financial News but you can get access to the articles in the weekly newspaper through Factiva.

If you go to the Financial News newspaper tab ( http://www.efinancialnews.com/paper ) and find a title of interest then you can goto Factiva for the full text. [Articles are on Factiva 2 days after publication.]

Example from:  Issue 793 Monday 19th Mar 2012

Financial News Issue 793 (click to expand)

News article: Wrigth, W (2010) “The winners and losers from the financial crisis” Financial News,  Issue 793 Monday 19th Mar 2012

On Factiva this article is available but slightly tricky to find.

You can set the source to be Financial News (Europe) and select a date range including the 19th March 2012. However, the article “The winners and losers from the financial crisis” is not immediately obvious. It is marked as a duplicate of the article “Then and now: how investment banking has slimmed down and consolidated; …” (See below)

Factiva search for Financial News (click to expand)

This looks to be because the two articles have the same source (Financial News (Europe)), author (William Wright) and date (19 Mar 2012)

Searching for the article above it is clear that just searching for keywords from the title is not always effective. A good alternative is to use Factiva’s field tags. For example “rst=lonfin and by=wright” restricts a search to source Financial Times (Europe) and author Wright. When using field tags you have to make sure that the option “Search for free-test terms in” is  Full Article and not the default Headline and Lead Paragraph. If not you will just get “Your search statement contains a general syntax error. … Error: 520101 …”

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