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Bloomberg new interface and new help search

BloombergBloomberg is looking a little different.

Several buttons (including Export, Terminal and Help) have been replaced by icons in the top right.

If you look at an equity, e.g.  GSK LN Equity Go, you get a simplified screen showing the 10 most used functions (DES, GP …)  divided into 8 categories: Company Overview, Company Analysis, Research and Estimates, Comparative Analysis, Charting and Reporting, Security Surveillance, Trade Analytics and Derivatives.  The full range of functions is still available by selecting one of these category headings, and there are similar simplified main screens for other market sectors.

The DES (Description) function has been improved. For Equities it now provides its output in 4 tabs: Profile, Issue Info, Ratios (includes link for Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow) and Revenue & EPS.

Bloomberg DES (Description) Example (click to expand)

For quick access to an company overview report, there is EQR (Equity Report Writer) in the Charting and Reporting section as an alternative to getting reports from DES (Description).

Additional Help

There is now an additional way of searching for information on Bloomberg.  Type keywords describing the data that you are seeking and then press the green HELP key. Examples:

  • apple sales 2010 HELP
  • uk GDP HELP
  • uk us exchange rate HELP

Press the HELP key in the Bloomberg Help Search screen (HLP) and you get help on using this help.  It provides help where the predictive search either gives no matching functions or securities, or gives several matches and you don’t know which one to pick.


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