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FORTUNE on Facebook and most admired companies


The March 19 2012 (Volume 165 Number 4) issue of FORTUNE includes its annual ranking of corporate reputation by industry and a lead article by Miguel Helft & Jessi Hempl “Inside Facebook: how does the social media giant really work? Read this story before you buy the stock”.

The library has access to Fortune through the  journal database Business Source Premier.

Business Source Premier is also the database that gives online access to the Harvard Business Review so the earlier post about accessing HBR is also relevant to Fortune – https://bizlib247.wordpress.com/2012/01/21/how-to-access-harvard-business-review/

If you are just interested in the annual list of The Worlds Most Admired Companies then this is available on the Fortune’s website without a subscription. However the “Inside Facebook …” article is only available to subscribers or those who buy it. (See also http://allthingsd.com/20120301/fortune-gives-facebook-the-apple-treatment/ )

Business Source Premier access to FORTUNE’s “Inside Facebook…” article (direct link – login required off-campus)

Business Source Premier’s access to Fortune seems to be limited to text (no pictures), but this does mean that you can listen to the text rather than reading it, and have it translated into a different language.

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