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CMI management Articles of the Year

The British Library Management Research Blog recently highlighted the winner of the first ever Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Management Articles of the Year competition, which aims to bridge the gap between academic management research and practising managers working in UK organisations.

Read the winning article and the others in the top five on the British Library MBS Portal now. (You can download a single PDF containing all five articles and a foreword from Sir Paul Judge.)  Brief details on these top five articles:

  • The need to get more for less: a new model of engaging transformational leadership and evidence of its effect on team productivity, staff morale and wellbeing at work by Prof. Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe, University of Bradford School of Management, and Juliette Alban-Metcalfe, Real World Group (overall winner – Management Article of the Year)
  • Against the tyranny of PowerPoint: technology-in-use and technology abuse by Prof. Yiannis Gabriel, Bath School of Management
  • Delivering practice based stories of small and medium enterprise by Dr Robert Smith and Dr Charles Juwah, Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University
  • Leading through change: To what extent is a transformational approach appropriate during unprecedented restructuring of the police? by Ian Hesketh, Lancaster University Management School
  • Rethinking change: downsizing businesses, changing behaviours and still managing to come out on top by Michael J.R. Butler of Aston Business School, David Crundwell, a communications and change management professional, and Mike Sweeney of Cranfield University

The CMI Management Articles of the Year initiative is supported by the British Academy of Management, the Advanced Institute of Management Research, the Association of Business Schools, and the British Library, and is sponsored by the publishers John Wiley and Sons Ltd.

For more details  see the original post – http://britishlibrary.typepad.co.uk/managementresearch/2012/07/university-of-bradford-school-of-management-wins-national-award-praising-the-practical-nature-of-its.html  –  09 July 2012 British Library Management Research Blog

See also – Feb 2010 post – CMI Management Book of the Year

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