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Harvard Manchester style for EndNote

We had a query about the availability of the Harvard Manchester EndNote style.

[25 March 2013 – See also Harvard Referencing Style page from the Referencing Guide at the University of Manchester]

One of the problems of the Harvard citation style is that there are lots of variants. In 2010, we developed a Harvard Manchester EndNote style based on our referencing guide, Hynes, J. (2010) “Guide to citing references (Harvard System)”. – see Dec 16 2010 post Citing References in Harvard Style.

Hayes (2010) Guide to citing references (Harvard system)John Hynes updated the guide in October 2011, but a revised EndNote style is still in draft form. The changes are relatively minor so you have to be quite pedantic to spot the differences, and we are increasingly aware that that students are choosing alternative reference management software. (Having to buy EndNote for your personal laptop is a significant barrier.) see Dec 3 2011 post Referencing – new guide and software options.

Harvard Referencing using EndNote example (click to expand)

If you are using EndNote, here are some resources that may be useful:

If you want to edit either of these EndNote styles to match your requirements there is the FAQ answer for How can I edit an EndNote style?

If you have suggestions for improvement then please leave a comment.

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