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“Pages” creates perfect documents on your tablet device

The Pages app is an extremely powerful word processing application. It can do almost anything that the desktop version can do. It’s easy to use and anyone who has ever used Microsoft Word can pick it up in a few minutes. You can enter text and format however you want. It is perfect for creating documents, spreadsheets, letters or assignments.

Apple’s Pages is the document creation component of their iWork productivity suite of software, put simply it’s their version of Microsoft  “Word”. It is a companion app to the Keynote and Numbers apps and all three are universal apps that work on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Pages for the iPad is a slimmed down version of Apple’s word processor and page layout application, and it works surprisingly well for mobile document creation and editing. Like its big brother on the Mac, Pages for the iPad includes a nice set of text and graphics tools for making your documents look sharp. It includes tools for formatting text, applying text styles, placing graphics and applying effects, and building your own shapes and objects. The tools are surprisingly easy to use despite the fact that the only input tools are your finger tips.

Pages includes a nice set of effects and tools such as drop shadows, the ability to control object opacity, image rotation and scaling, smart guides, and auto-wrapping of text around objects. Watching text reflow around objects and images as you drag them is fantastic, especially considering you’re working with a tablet device.

It supports tables and charts like the Mac version and building charts works the same way: Drop in a generic chart, then double-tap to add the data you want. Simple.

Creating a new document is a straightforward process in Pages too and the app includes a file export option that saves your documents for sharing with other devices as Pages documents, Microsoft Word files, or PDFs.

Whilst not free, the Pages app is a guaranteed winner for those who need the ability to document create away from their desks.

  1. 9 August 2012 at 11:28 pm

    I do absolutely all of my schoolwork on my iPad using Pages and my Zagg Flex Keys. It’s so convenient for me and I just love it. Completely loving the post-PC era 🙂

  1. 10 August 2012 at 9:36 am

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