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Manchester United IPO on NYSE

The recent (Aug 10 2012) Manchester United IPO (Initial Public Offering) illustrates the distinction between a company, as a legal entity, and its listing(s) on one or more stock exchanges.

  • Companies do not always list on their “home” market – Manchester United have chosen to list in New York (NYSE)
  • Companies occasionally have distinct classes of shares – for Manchester United there are Class A and Class B shares, both listed on NYSE on Aug 10 2012.
  • Companies can have a listing history – Manchester United was a PLC listed on the London Stock Exchange from Jun 7 1991 to 2005, then a private company, and now an NYSE-listed one.

The history of Manchester United shares is illustrated by searching on Datastream.

Datastream Navigator - Manchester United listings

Datastream Navigator – Manchester United (click to expand)

The first listing for Manchester United (952540) was on Jun 7 1991. This was followed by secondary listings (Primary Quote = No) on exchanges Frankfurt in 1997 and XETRA in 2000.  These three de-listed on June 22 2005 when the company went private. After a period as a private company there were two listings on the NYSE on Aug 10 2010: Manchester United CL.A (87312Q) (Major Security = Yes) and Manchester United CL.B (87407C) (Major Security = No).

Need More Information

BloombergBloomberg Professional is excellent giving access to lots of information on the company and its IPO. A predictive search for “manchester united” gives easy access to the current NYSE listing and previous LSE listing. Bloomberg also provide lots of business news on the IPO.

Datastream does not give access to information on the IPO. You can get the IPO prospectus, and any other filings documents, from PI Navigator, and financial information on the IPO from Thomson One Banker.

For balance – Manchester City Football Club is a private company, a subsidiary of Manchester City Limited, wholly owned by HH SHEIKH MANSOUR BIN ZAYED AL NAHYAN. [From FAME database for all UK companies, public and private]

  1. markgreenwood
    10 May 2013 at 6:58 pm

    Sir Alex Ferguson is leaving Manchester United at the end of the season after almost 27 years as manager for the football team. News reports speculate not only on the impact of this on the football team’s success but also on the performance of the NYSE-listed shares.
    Sir Alex Ferguson retires: Man Utd shares fall in New York (BBC news, 8 May 2013)
    Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement: Will it hurt Man Utd? (BBC news, 8 May 2013)
    For more on Sir Alex from a leadership perspective there are several posts on the Leaders We Deserve blog – http://leaderswedeserve.wordpress.com/tag/sir-alex-ferguson/

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