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Journal Ranking – marketing

The journal ranking data for 2012 is the latest available. Like previous years, the Journal Citation Reports (2012), including Impact Factors 2012, became available around the end of June 2013 – see journal rankings –  2012 JCR.

Using Marketing as an example:

ABS Academic Journal Quality Guide (last updated Nov 2010) has a Marketing section with five journals identified as “grade four” (the highest)

  • Journal of Marketing (ISSN 0022-2429)
  • Journal of Marketing Research (ISSN 0022-2437)
  • Journal of Consumer Research (ISSN 0093-5301)
  • Marketing Science (ISSN 0732-2399)
  • Journal of Retailing (ISSN 0022-4359)

SJR SCImago Journal and Country Rank – Journal Ranking:
Area Business, Management and Accounting, Category Marketing, Country All, Order by H Index, Year 2011 (based in Scopus data) gives the following first five

  • Journal of Marketing (ISSN – 00222429)
  • Administrative Science Quarterly (ISSN – 00018392)
  • Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (ISSN – 00920703)
  • Journal of Marketing Research (ISSN – 00222437)
  • Journal of Consumer Research (ISSN – 00935301)

For more on the SJR and SNIP journal metrics goto http://www.journalmetrics.com/

The ISI Web of Knowledge Journal Citation Reports (2011 JCR Social Science Edition) do not have marketing as a separate category, but Journal of Marketing, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Retailing and Journal of Marketing Research are all in the top 20 for subject category Business ranked by Impact Factor.

Also from Journal Citation Reports (2011) Top 10 journals in Management, Finance and Economics from INSEAD blog.

Eigenfactor claims to rank journals in a similar way to Google ranking websites.

See also previous post – Journal Rankings https://bizlib247.wordpress.com/2010/10/05/journal-rankings/ (Oct 2010)

  1. markgreenwood
    29 August 2012 at 1:51 pm

    After reading the article “Alt-metrics: fairer, faster impact data?” (Times Higher Eduction 23 August 2012) it is worth mentioning the growing interest in using the analysis of social media data in assessing research impact. http://altmetrics.org/manifesto/ looks like a reasonable staring point.

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