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How to access Harvard Business Review

The Electronic Journals A to Z list is now accessed through Library Search – selecting the eJournals A-Z tab and searching for “harvard business review” gives access through EBSCOhost Business Source Premier. (University of Manchester username and password) [Update October 2014]

The University of Manchester Library has changed its Electronic Journals A to Z list so this is a revised version of “How to access Harvard Business Review” – an essential skill for all. (Link removed – eJournals A-Z is now in Library Search and is slightly different from the image below.)

You find an interesting Harvard Business Review (HBR) article on the web and want to read the full-text.

HBR website - article

You have found your article – keep title, author, year and issue (i.e. the bibliographic details) to hand.

University of Manchester students and staff do not have to pay but you do have to access HBR via a journals database.

If you are accessing from a mobile device you can use the   EBSCOhost app.

Using a browser, follow these steps:

1. Goto the e-journals A-to-Z list.

(For example goto www.mbs.ac.uk/library  select e-Resources – Electronic Journals and then A-Z Electronic Journals)

HBR on e-journals A to Z list (click to expand)

2. Find details of UoM subscription to the HBR journal

Search for all journals with the words “harvard business review ” in their title.

The result indicates that the University subscribes to HBR through the journal database EBSCOhost Business Source Premier.

Note the access information, especially if you are off-campus.

Click on the link. This takes you to the FindIT@UML for HBR – click GO.

EBSCO login page for HBR

login page off-campus (click to expand)

3. Authenticate your access to Business Source Premier

This step will vary depending on whether you are on-campus or on-campus.

On-campus, your PC is recognised as belonging to the University and no additional authentication is required.

If you are off-campus you need to login using your University username and password. [Updated instruction added 1 Sept 2013]

[Original now out of date] If you are off-campus you need to select the Shibboleth login link and provide your details (for more detail see previous access Harvard Business Review post).

If you are off-campus and using the VPN software then you are “virtually on-campus” – your PC behaves as an on-campus PC.

HBR All issues

HBR all issues (click to expand)

4. Select the HBR issue

When you get to the HBR page on Business Source Premier (EBSCO host):

Expand the year (from the article’s bibliographic details) and then select the relevant issue.


Use the search within this publication link.

HBR article

HBR article (click to expand)

5. Get the article

When you get to the page for a HBR issue:

Scroll through the articles to find the one that you want


Amend the search at the top of the page with further details e.g. author surname, title keywords …

You can download the full-text by selecting the PDF full text link.

Use the add to folder link and then the folder view and export to add the bibliographic details to your reference management system.


For articles from other journals the stages are the same but the details will vary depending on the journal database. For more information look at our research guides or FAQ answers on e-journals.

  1. 7 October 2012 at 6:56 pm

    To search or browse HBR (Harvard Business Review) you can use the Scopus database and search for “source title – harvard business review” and then use the FindIt@UML icon to access the full-text. Screenshot http://screencast.com/t/NxTWijS3xuZ
    (Note – off-campus you have to authenticate yourself twice: first with Scopus and then with Business Source Premier (Ebsco Host) to access the full-text.)

  1. 30 August 2012 at 2:37 pm
  2. 1 September 2013 at 8:01 pm

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