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Finding Journal Article from reference

Often it is easy to find the full-text of a journal article from a reference, but sometimes you have to check carefully. Here is a recent example from a PhD student in the Marketing, Operations Management and Service Systems division.

Sandelowski, M., (1995) “Sample size in qualitative research”, Research in Nursing and Health, 18(2), pp. 179-183.

Step 1 – Check library subscription to the journal (electronic version)

Research in Nursing and Health availability (click to expand)

Use the Electronic Journals A-Z List to find details of the library’s subscription to Research in Nursing and Health.

Note that it is possible for the library to have online access to a journal through different databases. If this is the case then the databases may not all cover the same years, so check the year for your specific article.

In this case the journal Research in Nursing and Health is only available from one database, but our subscription only covers articles from 1996.
(This explains why even when you access Wiley Online Library as a member of the University of Manchester you still get asked to pay if you try to access the PDF of the Sandelowski article.)

Step 2 – Check the library journal holdings

If the full-text of the article is not available online then you can check if the the library holds a physical copy of the journal.

Search the University of Manchester Library catalogue for the journal name Research in Nursing and Health, and filter “Collection – Journals”. If the library does hold a physical copy then you expand the entry to obtain the location details.

In this case we do have Research in Nursing and Health Volume 18 (1995) in the Main Library Clinical Sciences Periodicals (Green 1).

Step 3 – Decide on Document Supply (Inter-Library Loan)

If you decide that the article is essential then you can request the article through the Document Supply and Inter-Library Loan service. (This will usually only take 2-3 working days if the British Library holds an electronic copy of the journal article.)

If the article was interesting but not essential you might want to look for other articles by the same author(s), or use cited reference searching to find more recent articles on the same theme.

FAQ answer How can I check a journal’s availability through the library? now updated with link to new Electronic Journals A to Z list.

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