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Datastream Workbook

Thomson ReutersDatastream (Thomson Reuters) is a Specialist Financial Database.     

Within the Eddie Davies and Precinct libraries there are copies of a ‘Datastream Workbook’, designed to assist students using Datastream.

This has been updated with an additional section under ‘Company Information – Quick Reference’, entitled:  ‘Importing Companies from External Database Search’.

When undertaking research for a dissertation, large numbers of companies can be generated from a database search. Often further analysis is required using another database, such as Datastream. A common company identifier available from database searches is the ISIN (International Security Identification Number) code. For example, GB0008847096 represents Tesco PLC.

Using the Datastream Advance For office (AFO) Excel Add-In, results [ISIN codes] from an external database search can be imported into an Excel sheet (copy and paste) and then the ‘Create List (From Range)’ function can be used to create a List for further analysis. This List can be stored locally or uploaded to the Thomson Reuters Mainframe for access and use in a ‘Static’ or ‘Time Series’ request (search).

The updated Datastream Workbook is available at the Eddie Davies Library and Precinct Library.

Datastream is available to use by current students and staff of the University of Manchester at the Eddie Davies and Precinct libraries.

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