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Thomson One Banker – Dissertation Research

Thomson ReutersThomson One Banker (Thomson Reuters) is a Specialist Financial Database.

[Update June 2014 – Thomson ONE.com is (or T1.com) is Thomson Reuters replacement product for Thomson One Banker.]

As part of Dissertation Research students often need to obtain large numbers of companies to analyse. This list of companies is then used in another database to do further research.

Thomson One Banker (Excel Add-In version) allows a large number of results from one database search to be imported into an Excel sheet using the ISIN (International Security Identification Number) company identifier code.

Copy and paste the list of ISINs into an Excel sheet and click on the ‘Upload Portfolio’ icon at the top left of the screen – hover the pointer over the icons on the screen to get a description of their function. Next, an ‘Upload Portfolio’ dialogue box appears – click on ‘Browse’ and type in a filename you wish to represent this list (portfolio) of companies and click ‘OK’ and ‘OK’ again at the next dialogue box. This Portfolio of companies is then available to use in a Report wizard search.

Select the ‘Report’ wizard icon at the top of the screen to begin a search.

Step 1   Select Items:   Click on ‘Add/Edit Items’ button to identify a Data item. There is a useful search box which allows Keyword searches…for example, ‘Price’ to get a list of results, including ‘PriceClose’. Double click on this item to select it and click ‘OK’.

Step 2  Select Entities:   Click on the ‘Add Entities’ and ‘Download’ buttons. Scroll down to locate the filename. Click on the filename to select it and click ‘OK’  to enter the companies into the ‘Selected’ pane and click ‘OK’ to insert into the ‘Selected Entities’ pane within Step 2 of the wizard search.

Step 3  Select Dates:   Start and end period and frequency (e.g. monthly), then click on the ‘Next’ button.

Step 4  Set Worksheet Options:   That is, set layout format of results in the sheet. It is only necessary to modify the default settings if you have many columns to ensure data is displayed in an effective manner.

Click  Finish and ‘No’ when requested to save your search. Results then appear in an Excel sheet.

Note:  If you get a ‘Thomson One Banker’ error message saying ‘Unable to retrieve Project Tracking information for the current user’, this means you have not logged in. Click on the padlock icon (top left) to do so.

Further tips – see Thomson One Banker Excel add-in (July 2010)

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