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Researching A Global Company using Bloomberg – in 15 mins

BloombergOne of the strengths of Bloomberg Professional is that it provides a great deal of quoted company information allowing you to quickly research a company.

Here we will take Rolls Royce PLC as an example and demonstrate useful information that can be obtained in 15 mins.

  1. Using Bloomberg’s predictive search we type “Rolls Royce” and we find the Bloomberg ticker if RR/ LN Equity.
  2. DES (Description function) gives us a summary overview – for example see Bloomberg new interface and new help search (posted Mar 2012)
  3. BRC (Research by company) gives access to analysts’ reports on the company
  4. CN (Company News) – news from lots of different providers, including Bloomberg themselves – you can filter: by date, by the news provider, by most popular, or by adding additional search terms.
  5. GP (Graph prices) – gives a graph of historical closing prices, and trading volume – alter dates to suit and add additional annotations as required. (See below)

Demonstrating  to class BMAN20600, it turns out that is all you can do in 15 mins. If you have more time consider FA – fundamentals/accounts, RV – competitors, BI – industry data, and MGMT – management. (In response to a question after the demo – Referencing Bloomberg to follow in another post.)

GP price and volume graph, 2000-2012, weekly, with acquisition and divestiture events added (click to expand)

For more on Bloomberg try:

For alternatives (so you don’t need to get to a Bloomberg PC)

Of course 15 mins is just about getting a good start. It does not give you time to carefully consider the company information you have found.


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