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Equity screening in Bloomberg

Equity screening (refine)Following an enquiry asking how many companies are in Bloomberg, the Bloomberg help desk directed me to the Equity Screening tool, EQS<GO>.

Like the screening tools in other databases, it starts of with all securities it has (Security Universe, today 654012 matches), then begins to refine the screening with the currently active primary quotes (Actively Traded Primary Security of Company, today 67292 matches). You can add further criteria in the amber box across the middle of the screen; simply type and select the auto-complete entry. In this example, I typed “United Kingdom” to select Country of Domicile (1808 matches), then “Technology” to select the Sector (141 matches).

Equity Screening (Results)Once this is done, click on 1) Results at the bottom-right of the screen to go to the results page. This is a table of companies with several columns of data.

If you want to use this list elsewhere (for example in Datastream), it would be wise to add an extra column, ISIN, to use as a company identifier. (Click in the amber bar across the top of the screen labelled Add Column, type ISIN Number, select the first match and press Enter.)

Equity Screen (Results in Excel)

Finally,  to export the table to Excel, click on the red menu bar option Output > Excel > All Securities, which will automatically open in Excel after you accept any warning messages about file formats.

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