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Datastream and SEDOL codes

Thomson ReutersTake care when using SEDOL codes in Thomson Reuters Datastream! You can lookup an equity by its SEDOL code (Datastream datatype SECD) but SEDOL codes do not work properly when creating a Datastream List or when using a Datastream Request Table.

There is a solution – add ‘UK’ before the SEDOL code, so B09LQS3 becomes UKB09LQS3, and then they are recognised correctly.

This is a known problem – see Searching Datastream using Sedol codes and Datastream Tips and tricks.

The following screenshot shows some results from a Datastream Request Table – the first five have UK added, then next five are the original SEDOL code, the next five have UK added and so on.

DS Request Table using SEDOL codes (click to expand)

DS Request Table using SEDOL codes (click to expand)

You will see that none of the SEDOL codes starting with “B” are recognised correctly, and some of those that are just numbers are mistaken for Datastream codes so can return data referring to something quite different.

DT Request Table (click to expand)

DT Request Table (click to expand)

Right is a screenshot of the Datastream Request Table used to create the results shown above.

When adding the UK to SEDOL codes make sure that leading zeros are not lost – 0005588 should become UK0005588 (not UK5588).

For more on SEDOL codes see “How to research Company Identifiers” from the business and management Getting started guides page or Investopedia SEDOL definition.

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