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Three theses from eScholar

From 2011, University of Manchester PhD theses have been deposited in the eScholar institutional repository. These are available in full-text. Examples:

Benjamin, H. (2011) An investigation of consumer motivations towards buying fashion online. PhD. University of Manchester. eScholarID:115553 (Accessed: 03 July 2013)

Cullen, J.P. (2012) The Futility of stock-based compensation in the light of imperfect market pricing. PhD. University of Manchester. eScholarID:179217 (Accessed: 03 July 2013)

Radcliffe, L.S. (2012) An in-depth, longitudinal, qualitative study exploring the decision- making processes of dual-earner couples in incidents of work-family conflict. eScholarID:160371 (Accessed: 03 July 2013)

eScholar search (click to expand)

eScholar search (click to expand)

To browse the Manchester Business School PhD theses in eScholar you can search “PhD Accounting and Finance” or “PhD Business Administration“.

Tip. Remember to use AND between search terms in eScholar, e.g. “PhD Accounting and Finance” AND earnings.

You don’t have to read a PhD thesis in full. Sometimes it can be useful to skim the related work, and references, or focus on the research methods used.

For more details on other University of Manchester theses, (ie. not available in eScholar) see earlier post Manchester Business School theses (posted July 2012).

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